February 24th, 2008



 Aw, ain't it cute? Baby crowned lemur named Kibongo,  born December 24, 2007 and resides at a zoo in Vincennes, near Paris Crowned lemurs are considered vulnerable to extinction by conservationists

aye aye

Sucked in by the TV

Well, I could watch The Oscars, but I don't really care for them. They're usually overly long, half the outfits are horrid (I keep wondering how peope get convinced to wear some of that stuff - oh wait, it mightgt be free) and I haven't seen any of the movies. I was going to see Cloverfield but reality intruded so I'll catch it on DVD as it's out of my local theaters, alas. So, think that fairy tale movie with Patrick Dempsey was the last one I saw... so instead of the Oscars, I watched the tail end of The Iron Giant (good animated flick) and part of an infomercial for TimeLife records for "Flower Power," music of the 60s/70s, which i've always loved. Hmm, if the checkbook can rebound from the vet... it's very tempting. I also caught, on the Food Channel, a half-hour show on diners that serve up homecooked breakfasts (well, the delicious and fattening kind). They showed cinammon bun french toast which looked like it could kill you from sugar shock, something called 'slop', an omelot made from wahtever is on hand and it's a HUGE dish and the one guy who ordered it (a big guy) said no, he couldn't even eat it all.

We got snow. About a foot, which started off as light and fluffy, then went to sleet, then it got warmer so now the snow is heavier, shorter, and you crunch through the top layer. Not hard enough to keep the dog from sinking through (one year it hardened so much he was skittering along and not sinking, and hey, even I could walk on top of it).  But it's just not natural to see chipmunks running around the snow. They're suposed to be in hibernation.