March 7th, 2008

McKay-this is cool

David Hewlett talks Stargate Atlantis and more at put up a nice big fat David Hewlett interview and he talks about the show, working with his sister on the show, the return of Carson Beckett and lots more.


Q: And you can make fun of him for the "Kirk" thing.

A:Yes indeed. His Kirk thing is shameless. Both on and off camera.

Q: But that's happening to Rodney now -- he's got Katie [Brown (Brenda James)], Sam [Carter (Amanda Tapping)], Dr. Keller [(Jewel Staite)]. And he has no idea what to do with them. Is Rodney really that clueless with women, or is it a defense mechanism?

A" [laughs] I'm really hoping it's a defense mechanism. I think he's in that interesting situation where as a scientist and a nerd he's basically only ever objectified women. So to actually have to communicate with them -- that's the wonder of his relationship with Sam Carter, is that not only is she in his terms "hot," but also just as smart as he is. He finds that both absolutely alluring and alarming at the same time.


Also included is LAST MAN image gallery

Sheppard-happy hour

Goofy shots of Stargate Atlantis actors

Check out this live journal - - which has culled just a few samples from a site about Jedi Master Chefs. Somehow, a fan has convinced a bevy of actors to don a chef's cap and wield a lightsaber for the camera... David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Jewel Staite and Joe Flanigan (although he just posed with the guy in the costume) are in the mix, and they link to the main site of even more photos. 

Oh my gosh, yes, check out - Kavan Smith, Paul McGillion, David Nykl,  Torri Higginson, Kate Hewlett and lots lots more!!