May 18th, 2008

shep B&W

MediaWest*Con and season/series finale

So, who all is going? Leaving in two days (a friend and I arrive on Wednesday). I put together a pictorial "Guide to Stargate Atlantis Whump" door decoration which I'll put up as soon as the hotel gives the okay for us to paper the doors, etc. :)

Just saw the series finale for MOONLIGHT. Gotta say Claudia Black is making a career of being in tight black outfits, but her character was great. At least they didn't end this series with killing off anyone. Saw that NEW AMSTERDAM got the axe, but that didn't surprise me. Hope the actor, whose name escapes me, gets a new gig. I have to watch ALL the season finales of shows I'm interested in as otherwise I'd have to walk around the con with my fingers in my ears. NCIS is gonna be tough as I may have to record it, grab it and run out the door and watch at the con. So now will watch SUPERNATURAL, even though I've barely seen any of the third season (I'll buy the DVD set and stick it with the other two seasons to hopefully get through one of these years). I knew CSI was gonna end on that gawawful bad note when Gary Dourdan got busted. I mean, alas poor Warrick, I knew him well. Geez. CSI NY ends on a cliffie, I hear, and Miami I can't recall, but it's on tomorrow.