May 24th, 2008

McKay needs hug

Never make coffee in the dark...

Well, my roomie's a west coaster so I'm up at the crack of dawn (okay, I woke up LATE today - 7 a.m. - eek!) and I must putz around the room quietly. So, with tenuous light streaming in through the closed blinds, I made coffee. Dumped in milk and sugar and tasted and went, uh, what's wrong? Oh oh, yeah, forgot to put the coffee packet in the machine! Duh!

Yesterday went well at the con. Attended several panels (SGA 'critter / kid' fic one was fun, even though I have read very few - got good recommendations on some). Haven't bought a whole lot yet as I'm just terribly selective (plus thinking about that looming car tuneup bill awaiting me at home). Best part of this con is meeting friends I only get to meet once a year :)O