June 3rd, 2008

shep B&W

Craig McGill's interview with Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion


By Craig McGill

HE’S travelled half-way across the universe in Stargate and Star Trek but for actor Paul McGillion, he wants nothing more than to be a corpse in Taggart.

The Paisley-born hunk might have fansites by admiring females across the globe, be chased by women at conventions and have a glamourous LA lifestyle – but Taggart is where he wants to be.

He said: “I’d love a role in Taggart, even a murdered body.

“Don’t get me wrong I’d be happier with a bigger role, but Taggart’s got such appeal and is so well known to my family that to be in Taggart would be great.

“I’ve actually just been arranging with agents to get more work in the UK as I’d love to be in more British dramas.

“Of course there’s also work like Dr Who and Torchwood and to be in them would fantastic.”