June 9th, 2008


"Fighting Off man-eating dragons"

Aiieee, what has become of the news?! A bunch of divers got lost  and ended up on an Indonesian island that had komodo dragons. So, one of the big lizards (which can get up to 10 feet, but they seemed to not have the true length of this offender) approached the divers, who threw rocks at it and it left.

basically, this sounds like a bad scifi movie (except there were no mutated monsters) and as usual, someone didn't plan things out so they got lost.

But geez, the news is so sensationalistic these days. Gah....

McKay-this is cool

Stargate Atlantis Motivational Poster + Blooper Photo from "A Sticky Situation"!

Yes, it's HOT outside today. Ack, I'm melting. So, it means it's time to play again with John and Rodney, my two favorite Stargate Atlantis action figures....  *evil cackle*


And although it's not a sequel to the action figure fanfic "A Sticky Situation," click on the link for a blooper photo from the pictorial story!

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