June 17th, 2008


MGM interviews Paul McGillion

 Fortunately, not much really in way of spoilers, so anybody can read it :) Plus, a very very pretty picture of Paul McGillion. And the hairstyle is different. He had that Beckham style (which yes, I'm way behind the times on sports folk as Beckham buzzedt hat off) and now has oh, gee, hope this doesn't get me shot, but his style reminds me of Clark Kent....



Of course, it’s worth mentioning that this Carson Beckett isn’t quite the same timid doctor we met in season one, and that’s not just because he’s become a little more inured to the terrors of the Pegasus galaxy. No, this Carson Beckett was cloned from the original by one of Atlantis’ arch enemies, Michael, and rediscovered in season four’s ‘The Kindred’. Still, the differences are subtle… so subtle, in fact, that McGillion laughs at the question of whether they are there at all.