June 29th, 2008

shep B&W

Stargate Atlantis actors in other movies/shows for next 2 weeks

Taping of non-Stargate SG-1/Atlantis appearances for  the next two weeks or so.  All times are eastern.

Fine tune or find more actors at www.tvguide.com, www.titan-tv.com, or www.tv-now.com. As always, double-check the listings in case schedules change.


June 30 – THE OTHER SISTER, Encore1, 4:00am
July 8 – THE OTHER SISTER, Encore1, 2:40am
July 10 – CSI MIAMI “Slow Burn”, A&E, 1:00pm
July 10 – CSI MIAMI “Slow Burn,” A&E, 7:00pm

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Stargate Atlantis: Uses for new publicity stills

Basically everyone has seen the new promo shots for season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, with the odd poses of the gang on the steps as though they're posing for that Captain Morgan rum ad. Anyway, here's one example:

Anyway, here's an example of how these publicity poses can actually be worked into an episode plot! Yes, it IS possible!*

* Of course, it requires a bit of substandard writing and really pushing any plausbility, but this is scifi, so what the heck!