July 6th, 2008

McKay did it

Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater: Sheppard and McKay go to Manhattan

A friend from the midwest came in for a weekend visit, and wanted to go into the city (aka New York City, the Big Apple) so.... Sheppard and McKay came along (said friend is a fan who got a kick out of it).

On the commuter train into the city, the squabbling can be heard (well, not over the cellphone users)...
Sheppard: "You know this seat is big enough for the two of us, in fact, I could fit Lorne and his team and a jumper, so why don't you move over."
McKay: "Hey I was here first and it's a window seat." 

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Hellboy ad

Got this via a list I'm on. Not at all Stargate related, but a very fun movie-tv-tie in ad with Hellboy and Chuck....


Wish NBC would do an ad like this for Stargate Atlantis!