July 7th, 2008


And the Stargate Atlantis interviews are hitting the press...

Apparently the studios did a press conference of some sort, judging from the interviews popping up here and there.

First, there's a great print interview with Rachel Luttrell:

Slice of SciFi Interview with Rachel Luttrell

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 6 Jul 2008




In April 2007 we were privileged to have “Stargate: Atlantis” star Rachel Luttrell as our special guest for the online and XM-Satellite Radio Slice of SciFi Show. We had such a good time that we asked Rachel if she would come back to Slice of SciFi sometime in the future.

Since that time Rachel has given birth to a beautiful son; while on the show, her character Teyla also gave birth.

With Season Five getting ready to return this Friday (July 11) we asked our roving reporter, Linda Craddock, to visit with Rachel while she was on the set of ‘Atlantis’ in Vancouver. What resulted was this great fun interview.

REST AT LINK ABOVE, and Paul McGillion, too! Mini-transcript beneath the cut.

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Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater #423...

Yes, it's a few days until an actual brand-new episode airs on SciFi (never mind it hit the internet a few weeks ago so half the viewers have probably seen it). Anyway, for those avoiding spoilers, and have no taste in entertainment, here's the perfect solution! No spoilers for season 5, although, you get your very first peek of the Stargate Atlantis Teyla, Ronon and Wraith drone action figures!!*

Sheppard and McKay sit on top of a toasty warm but old styled energy-sucking computer monitor, waiting for their fate to be decided…

Sheppard: “So, what do you think will happen to us this time?”
McKay:” I don’t know, but I hope it doesn’t include this beaver!”

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