July 22nd, 2008

glowy fish

Flashpoint on the move + Space Junk

Yes, yes, now I can watch and record both Stargate Atlantis and Flashpoint on the DVR! Just read on TVweek.com that CBS is moving Flashpoint to the 10:00pm slot on Thursday nights (okay, this bumps Hopkins to the VCR, but I can live with that) starting this week! Apparently Flashpoint is pulling in 7.62 million viewers, while Swingers (being put in to the Friday slot) pulls in just 6.52 million.

I really do like Flashpoint - it's well-written, well-acted, and I am a fan of Canadian productions.  I'm not into it fannishly but definitely enjoy watching it.


Apparently, a year ago (July 23, 2007), the International Space Station astronauts tossed out a refrigerator-sized ammonia reservoir. The 1400-pound piece of space junk has been orbiting Earth since then, but, oops, it's coming down this year or next. Apparently the orbit has decayed so much that the "Early Ammonia Server" (or EAS) is nearly as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper. You can check spaceweather.com/flybys for flyby times, if you want to go outside and see it (apparently no telescope is required!) And CTV is airing it at the same time (and it's the #1 TV download on iTunes Canada).