July 27th, 2008

McKay-manly hug

Stargate Atlantis at Comic Con #3 - more videos

conv Some more....



Michael Shanks interview with Barbara Vey



Ben Browder interview with Barbara Vey



Sanctuary panel video



Comic Con SG1 panel introductions


this includes “the kiss” between Browder and Shanks

GW has a gallery of shots from the event

and for some Stargate Atlantis stuff

New Audio interview with David Hewlett at


which will debut July 30th at 8pm UK time, and be available for download afterwards.



shep B&W


Another set of thunderstorms rolled through, the second this week, and this time, it actually did lower the temperature. We were in the low 80s today, rather than the abysmal high 90s of last week. Anyway, this set arrived at midnight and I grabbed my el cheapo digital camera with video capability and stuck it against the window. The first video is better for sound - it's very dark, but you can hear the thunder and rain agains the window, while the second captures some lightning in the sky. Hmm, really need a decent video camera....



Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater: Sheppard and McKay Meet Elvis

I did this last week, but forgot to load….


The 3H’s. HOT. HUMID. HAZY. 95+ temps and we’re all turning into melting slugs. Even the squirrels are just sitting on the road, dazed, going ‘huh?’ as you drive right up to them and honk the horn – several times - THEN they get out of the way before becoming a gray pancake.


So, what is there to do but melt? Wait, wait, a tiny bit of begging and yes, we’re going to the pool! Of course, the ‘boys’ just simply must come.

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