July 28th, 2008


Stargate Atlantis: Jason Momoa close-up

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Close Up: Jason Momoa
July 28, 2008     (Actors)

There’s one very significant addition to the costume that turns actor Jason Momoa into Ronon Dex this season – a wig. His own dreadlocks, which he has sported since even before he took up the role in Stargate Atlantis’ second season, are no more. During the hiatus, the actor decided that he wanted a change of look, and cut them off. As a result, as of the show’s fifth season, Ronon’s hair is actually an elaborate hairpiece.  “I’m trying to grow it back,” Momoa admits, from his trailer during a break in filming on season five. “This wig is really hurting my neck. The dreads are actually heavier than my original hair!”