August 2nd, 2008

Teyla - my eyes

It's a Jungle Out There

Well, suburbia sure has it's moments. It seems the front yard road is becoming dangerous (at least to critters). I came home from work yesterday, only to see a huge red-tailed hawk take off, so I'm assuming, blast, it nailed something in the front yard. So I went down to investigate and found a baby bunny lying on its side. Eeek! It was gasping a bit, I picked it up and then noticed blood on my hand. Ack. However, the little fellow righted himself in my hand, hopped off and dug back into the nest (in the ground) which contained one other unharmed baby bunny. I'm not sure if there were more, if the hawk took off with one, or snatched mom. I didn't see anything large dangling from the hawk, so I'm assuming one of the babies got taken off for a late lunch. Sigh. I kept an eye on the yard for a while, recovered the nest (yes, you can touch them as human scent is so pervasive the rabbits ignore it) with grass and whatnot. When I went to sleep, it was still undisturbed. This morning I checked it out and it was empty. Sigh. However, it wasn't torn apart, so that means coyotes probably did not eat them. My hope is that when I wasn't out there, mom came back and removed the babies (as they will do so if the nest gets attacked). I realize bunnies are "nature's potato chips" but I hate it when little ones get nailed. 

Like the turkey. And as I left the driveway, turned on the road and there's a turkey on the road. Well, a turkey wing. Ack! 

But on the good side, the off-again, on-again toad in the window well as reappeared. I'd feared something had eaten him.

Oh, and wanna see my slug? He was over four inches long! Figure 5-6" once stretched out! Leopard slug! Moves much quicker than normal slugs, which I guess makes sense as leopard slugs eat other slugs...