August 11th, 2008

Teyla breeze

Another SUN Stargate Atlantis interview - Rachel Luttrell

 Gah, so annoying that tonight peaks the Perseids Meteor Shower and we get RAIN. It always rains when there's a meteor shower.

Alas, no slug stories to report today, but the tabloidy UK paper THE SUN has posted a short snippet with Rachel Luttrell. And another interview with someone else promised tomorrow. They've done David Hewlett, Jason Momoa and

Aug 11 2008 - BABY HELPED ME ACT

STARGATE: ATLANTIS actress Rachel Luttrell said her pregnancy helped her acting skills on the show.
The striking Canadian, who plays warrier leader Teyla Emmagan in the SG-1 spin-off series, said being pregnant at the same time as her
character made it easy for her to sympathise with how she was feeling.

The pregnancy was written into the show after the 37-year-old announcd she and her husband Loyd Bateman were expecting their first child.

Her son, Caden Dar, was born last October.

REST AT LINK ABOVE, plus video interview.

But, ooh, also, MGM has put up over a dozen stills from this coming week's SGA episode "Ghost in the Machine," over at and some more shots, which promise a little bit of Shep whump in this episode, at
invader zim

Took the dog outside...

Using the back door. He didn't see the rabbit hop off in panic, despite the fact I had a flashlight beam on it. Nope, too interested in piddling on the pachysandras.... went down the driveway, didn't notice the deer standing in the front yard (okay, pretty far away) that I barely illuminated with the flashlight. Darn, no slugs. and double-darn, sky is clouding up. No meteors for me this year :(