August 15th, 2008



 I was checking my usual bevy of Stargate Atlantis links, and clicked on David Hewlett's A Dog's Breakfast (or for me, and found this horrific notice.


dGeek and have been hacked/infected and I've been forced to suspend access to them. My apologies to all the fans, but this recent attack is more trouble than I have the skills or the time to recover from. I may be able to get something back up and running again once I'm back on hiatus in October, but honestly given this kind of stupid attack, it just might not be worth the headache and the heartbreak.

All the best,


As they would say on SOUTH PARK, those b**tards! I can't believe some, grrr, expletive deleted, attacked the site!!!!

McKay-this is cool

It's back!

I just checked and unless my computer is playing tricks on me, is back online! It seems none the worse for wear, so I think David Hewlett figured out the problem.

Can anybody else access it? I've had no virus or spyware alerts so it seems safe now (as apparently before, you'd get sent off to some other site).