August 23rd, 2008


Stargate Atlantis action figures Q&A

Well, now that Skiffy and MGM are busying putting the nails in SGA's coffin (sorry, every time one of their execs is quoted in the press, it makes me want to throw a brick at them (my foam rubber brick from Universal Studios, that is), but... what will happen to the merchandise?

The books/novels
Audio books
Action figures

Don't know about the first three, but there is now a direct way to ask Diamond Select Toys questions, so I think if you want to keep seeing SGA action fiugres (or beg/request/whine/grovel for a particular one, here are the details)

Once a month, Art Asylum selects a single topic and then group of questions submitted from the fans that go with it. Then, we answer them in the Q&A Blog.

So ask; about what you want to see made, questions for the artists, whatever.

I would say that if anytime is the time to ask about SGA action figures, now is the time, to show the market is still there and we wont' shut up unti we get Becktet, Lorne, Zelenka, Chuck and a few red-shirt anonymous security guard action figures ;)

You can find some questions already answered on
McKay-this is cool

Stargate Atlantis: The Shrine - various goodies

For those of us who just adored the Sheppard-McKay scenes in "THE SHRINE," check out this great video by pfyre, who 'ripped' (right term?) that great scene!

And a fan also did some GREAT screencaps


Ooh, some icons already from SHRINE:

And MGM, for some unfathomable reason, put up a video on their site of the Stargate Atlantis cast takling about winning the People's Choice Awards, which was, er, oh, a while ago. Maybe they're tossing out some crumbs in the hopes fans won't blow their servers with angry emails. Anyway, check it out.

shep B&W

Stargate Atlantis Cancellation News: Another Multichannel article

“There's obviously a passionate audience for Atlantis and the characters of Atlantis,” Howe said. “And yes, they're absolutely going to continue in the movie franchise. But people need to mourn for a while and come to terms with it. I don't anticipate that that will subside quickly. But once Universe is on air and they have kind of their next fix of the Stargate franchise, I think hopefully people will realize that it's in safe hands at Sci Fi, that we really value this franchise and it's in our interest and the fans' interest to let us continue the story and figure out how to retell it for a new audience every few years.”

Yes, this remark about fans "needing a fix" came out of the mouth of Dave Howe, the president of the SciFi Channel. So, he thinks fans are, what? addicts? That we'll curl up into a fetal ball and croak if we don't get our weekly dose of Stargate? Hello? Sure, we're screaming bloody murder. A product many of us like was suddenly taken off the shelf and a new product with a "younger vibe" is going to replace it?

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