August 29th, 2008


David Nykl blogs about SGA's cancellation

David Nykl posted on his blog about the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis:

Hard to believe - cancelled - after five years. Atlantis the series has been wrapped. It's all so sudden. Even when you know it can happen anytime, when it does you go: where did that come from? I barely have digested the news before the "what's next?" questions started up. What's next?
Well, frankly, I don't know. More work. More good roles. More ways to connect. I hope.
We move on..


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aye aye

Scratches head?

For Canuck fans.... did FLAHSPOINT air last night on CTV? It didn't air here, due to the Democratic convention, and I'm hoping I didn't miss an episode...

NOTE: Thanks! Question answered :)

Stargate Atlantis FanFic: "The Horror and the Hope" (Gen, PG-13)

Author’s Notes: I blame Sci Fi/ MGM for this story, since I wrote it in reaction to their, well, narrow-minded decision. * cough *

Horror and Hope

A twisted tale of Stargate Atlantis whump and…

By Wraithfodder

Gen, no pairings, PG-13, copyright to author, no copyright infringement meant


Summary: Sheppard just can’t catch a break. Whump, of course.
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