September 22nd, 2008

McKay did it

Stargate Atlantis wrap party

Ah, you hit episode #100 and they axe the show. MGM has such... style *cough*. Anyway, there are photos up from the wrap party.

has up over 40 shots from the wrap party. Jason Momoa, Kavan Smith and David Nykl are in there, but no Joe F or David H (maybe they didn't want to be in the blog, at least it seems that way with Joe as photos of him are few and far between).

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shep B&W

My reading list

Well, I finished the Private Lives of Spiders, and have put it on my 'must buy' list when I have spare cash. I returned it to the library and the lady at the desk said 'thank you' and as I walked away I heard her go "eeuuu!" and another woman said "What's wrong?" and the lady said "Spiders!" so obviously she hadn't quite seem what the book was until she turned it face up. Oops.

Meanwhile, picked up Head Cases  (author: Michael Paul Mason) from the new book aisle. It's a book on stories of brain jury and its aftermath. Looks rather fascinating.

Just wathed the first hour of Heroes and have no idea what's going on, so am going to record the rest and for some unfathomable reason, watch CSI: MIami! ;)