October 26th, 2008

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Armageddon 2008: Stargate Atlantis Actors photos, part 1 of 2

The Armageddon folk actually put three Stargate actors on one panel, instead of having separate panels, and a fourth joined, so here is part one (there will be three parts) of 'screencaps' from their live-streaming video. October 26, 2008 out of Auckland, New Zealand. Andee Frizzell, Kavan Smith, and Gary Jones were initially on the panel, and then David Hewlett joined them! Warning: This is graphic-intensive.

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David Hewlett - Armageddon (Auckland) - October 27, 2008


David Hewlett

Armageddon 2008 (Auckland, NZ, Oct 27 2008)


The live-stream hiccupped, like previous ones, probably due to the high volume of people it attracted! Anyway, here are some tidbits from it. Hopefully someone will have recorded it and it will be up on YouTube.



 “I literally, as a kid, used to be scared to swim in swimming pools – because of ‘Jaws.’ I guess somehow he was going to make his way through the filter system.”


Talking about being stuck in the ZedPM room. He’s being told “there are going to be spaceships blowing up. And I’m like, yeah, I’m going to be screaming in a small room.” Apparently one prop lit up, which he knew. David said it was a USB cable, people can do that on their computers. “What? The Wraith couldn’t go wireless?” Says a cellphone is smaller than half the equipment he carried around on the show.


Said he misses the food on the Stargate Atlantis set. “I did theater but only because I had to. Film was always the thing that I loved the most. I just loved the way you could of just go in there, you do it once, you give everything you possibly have…” He had planned on doing an ‘edgy’ film or murder mystery or violent two-man against the wilderness plot…


In talking about “A Dog’s Breakfast,” said that “Paul McGillion, he was cheap and available. Very available. Often in a bedroom downstairs,” he said dryly. And then there was his sister, Kate, and his dog, who worked for food. In fact, actually all three worked for food. ;)


He was originally going to film ADB it at his house but his house was in the States and everybody was Canadian and David didn’t want any problems at the border, so they rented a place in Vancouver instead. A week before they shot the film he rewrote the entire script.


“One of the things I love about McKay is that he doesn’t do the right thing all the time.” He loves the McKay-Zelenka relationship, even though McKay is vicious toward him at times.


When a fan said she loved his character in “Sanctuary,” he said “You know he’s a serial killer, right?”


Talked about Unix (computer stuff). He was one of the first people in Toronto to “spend ridiculous amounts of money to get on the internet.”


 “I’m a Mac guy now, it’s so easy.’


 “I only knew enough to get in trouble.” (computer-wise)


A fan asked the same question that was asked yesterday: Who would you turn gay for?” to which David joked back “I’m sorry, Kavan, repeat that?”


It’s painful to watch someone show up on set and not knowing their lines. He talked about having to learn all the technobabble in the scripts. Plus he likes to look stuff up and go “Wrong!”


 “I do all my own stunts,” he said proudly. ;)


Said he convinced the stunt guy (Bam-Bam) to get someone to run for him in an episode. Said McKay is very good at running away, as it’s self-preservation.


Said that Starcrossed is a ½ hour comedy show he’s pitched.


Then talked about when the baby was due. Spent 2-1/2 days in the hospital waiting. He then went on to talk about what happened (lots of waiting) and after 2 days, all hell broke loose, because the cord was around Baz’s neck. The birth was caesarean, and how at one point one of the monitors didn’t register so the doctors come running into the room, as well as nurses, and the one nurse actually recognized him as she watched the show.


And the doctor who was going to do the C-section helped David put on his booties to wear into the OR.

He was told not to make Jane laugh, which was impossible.


And when the baby was pulled out, he was limp and purple and David thought the worst, but apparently that’s the way it goes and seconds later, the baby was fine.


Said how it was like they put the baby in his MacDonald’s fryer lamp thing and he went from “his little purply thing flopping around doing nothing” and just became a baby “in front of your eyes. It was amazing.”


Would he like to write or direct Stargate? Yes, he would, but it seems TPTB wasn’t very keen on the actors doing that. During the hiatus, he did write (ADB). “The very strong sense I got from them, and I think a lot of us got from them, is that it wasn’t something they were happy about doing.” (letting cast write/direct) “…I don’t think it’s their cup of tea. Not quite what they wanted.”


Missed the question, but David said that McKay was basically Sheppard’s girlfriend, in the sense that theirs was a relationship that goes up and down, and that Joe really would have preferred a blonde.


Said he’d love to do Doctor Who, and mentioned that Eddie Izzard was up for the role.


And then they cut away from David to do an interview with Margot Kidder, but did return, but by then David had ended his panel.

SCREEN CAPS will be up tomorrow.