October 31st, 2008


Happy Halloween!

Hoping everybody has a grand time, or at least gets to dress up at work. Sigh, alas, where I work is stodgy you can't even do jeans on Fnriday. Bah Humbug. Oh wait, wrong holiday.

I should take pictures of my Halloween setup outside the door if the squirrels don't decimate it while I'm at work.... The pumpkin needs, er, work since it's had several holes chewed in it!

CSI: Pumpkin, or Zombie Bambi Returns!

A ghostly visage seen inside the house tonight!

Well, every year we do a little Halloween setup. Drag the skeleton out of the closet, etc., stick it in a chair. Ah, wish I'd had a Bear Stearns cap or something to put on its  head. Adults appreciate that warped sense of humor, although some of the kids were like "ooooh!" when they saw the skeleton.

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