November 24th, 2008


Update on Jason Momoa from Burbank, CA Stargate Atlantis convention

Here's an update on Jason Momoa from the convention. I received permission from the author (kc_crr) to repost here. I've posted verbatim so nothing gets lost in translation. Feel free to link to this LJ entry.

Hi everyone from Burbank. Jason visited our table at the breakfast
this morning. He needs to wear sunglasses to protect his eye. He has
a scar from above his left eyebrow to below his cheekbone. He will
need surgery to repair his left tearduct since it was affected. He
has to dab his left eye constantly for the tears from the duct. I
said something about at least there wasn't any nerve damage and he
said they aren't sure yet because he can't raise left side of his
brow. His vision is okay. He seemed in relatively good spirits.
Someone said that Paul M. was at the convention just in case Jason
wasn't going to appear, but Jason said his doctor said it was okay to

Rachel is the tiniest thing ever and the sweetest. She is having
dinner with Joe F. tomorrow night. She said Joe is family.

David H. I felt anyways, is very ulike McKay. Some people will
probably disagree. Smaller in stature than I expected. He was very
friendly and down to earth.
McKay needs hug

The Stargate Atlantis movie

This is from this past week's Burbank, CA Stargate Atlantis convention

" Rachel Luttrell said no one on the cast has been officially contacted about the Stargate Atlantis movie, and it’s only through the grapevine that they’ve heard it might be filmed next June. So, they are not at the point of negotiating contracts. Both Rachel and David seemed disappointed there was nothing definite yet."

Well, that sucks! Sigh...

Teyla breeze

Stargate Atlantis Convention (Burbank, CA) #1: Links & More (Rachel, Jason, David, Kavan)

This is the first batch of links to reports, photos and videos on the Stargate Atlantis (Burbank, CA) convention held November 22-23, 2008. Guests included Jason Momoa, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Kavan Smith. Also Firefly actors Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres and Summer Glau.


A huge THANK YOU to all the fans who have taken the time to share their experience with the rest of us J


Disclaimer: All links were found via publicly accessible Google/search engine searches. Excerpts are provided but go to actual links for the full story/pictures, etc. Feel free to link to this livejournal entry.

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Update; Torri Higginson

Oh, this looks promising! Casting details on Torri's role in the upcoming December 4th appearance on ELEVENTH HOUR.

[ALEX HOOD] Caucasian Female (early 30s). Dr. Hood’s (Rufus Sewell) sister. Dark hair and light eyes, beautiful and smart, she has a good relationship with her brother. She is also the mother of an 8 year old boy...LARGE CO-STAR

Thanks to the for the tip

McKay-this is cool

Oooh, there's an idea

Can't get Sheldon from BIG BANG THEORY on Stargate Atlantis since that show is toast, but hmm, David Hewlett is free, has a SAG card. Oh, he'd be perfect as say, Sheldon's uncle!

Meanwhile, check out the cool meteor footage from Saskatchewan (Canada)