November 29th, 2008


Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater: Sheppard & McKay meet the Pumpkin

* Headdesk * You turned on SciFi Channel on Friday and instead of getting Stargate Atlantis you got – huh?? – a marathon of “Mork and Mindy”! Just isn’t the same, is it?… so, without further ado, Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater fills the void with a quality, action-packed story filled with quality writing, award-winning special effects, and just a totally logical premise.

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McKay-this is cool

Stargate Atlantis Convention (Burbank, CA) #3: Links & more (Jason, David, Rachel, Kavan)

This is the third compilation of links around the web, found via Google and other search engines on publicly accessible venues – on the Stargate Atlantis convention held in Burbank, CA the weekend of November 22, 2008. Guests included Jason Momoa, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Kavan Smith and Dan Shea. 


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