December 15th, 2008

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Robert Carlyle cast as lead in Stargate Universe

Personally, I think this is a mistake for poor Robert Caryle. DOCTOR WHO is going to be remembered far past SGU :(

an excerpt:

"Described as edgier, darker and younger-skewing than its predecessors, "SGU" follows a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians left to fend for themselves when forced through a Stargate after their hidden base comes under attack. The survivors, who emerge aboard an ancient ship missing in the far reaches of space, are led by Dr. David Rush (Carlyle), who works to unlock the ship's mysteries and return the group home but also might have ulterior motives.

The network had said it was looking to cast a well-known actor as Rush and fresh faces to play the rest of the ship's crew.

"Robert Carlyle brings a depth, intelligence and complexity to his roles, which will fit perfectly with the fresh, new reinvention of this franchise," Sci Fi original-programming chief Mark Stern said.


I like Carlyle, but considering the same folk who penned the past Stargates are going to pen this, I don't expect any fresh new plots. And wow, there's Skiffy pushing the "fresh" crap, like they always do with all their programming and cast changes. I get the idea somewhere at Skiffy used to market laundry detergent...

So, what's everybody's opinion? I like Carlyle, but don't know if he'll be enough for me to watch the show.


Robert Carlyle on Stargate Universe, Take Two

Hmm, yanked this off Mallozzi's blog tonight (12/15/2008) ... "As some of you may have heard, the wonderfully talented Robert Carlyle has signed on to join the crew of the Destiny in the upcoming Stargate: Universe series. The award-winning actor - Begbie from Trainspotting to some, Hamish Macbeth to others - will be playing the role of Dr. David Rush, the ship’s brilliant Machiavellian scientist. I see a lot of myself in Rush and, next to yours truly of course, I can’t imagine anyone better for the part. Contrary to initial reports, the Rush character is not the leader of the unplanned expedition. That honor falls to Colonel Everett Young. For now. But things could have a way of changing on board a ship manned by a disparate group with very different agendas…

hmm, hmmm, uh....

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