December 28th, 2008

invader zim

I got what??? Just a rundown of junk mail

we all get junk email, right? The usual "You have won a gazillion dollars in Peru/the UK/Angola" etc. stuff but I got some neat holiday ones. (and my spam filters do seem to take out all those 'enlarge your member' spams, phew)

First, a boxing day sale! We don' thave that here in the States, but I know what it is, but sad to say I had to Google "Varadero" (which has, whoa, gorgeous beaches, but oh, is in Cuba) to know I should decline their great airfares ;)

Anyway, this is my fav!

"Hello, to meet the Woofiest Men..." [yes, they said woofiest, which got me thinking? do these guys howl? are they, er, uh, overly hirstute? what??] Wait, Wolverine got his own site??]  then I read further and for me to meet the "best hunks" [which then got me thinking, is cheese going to be sale this week? gah, cheese prices are so darned high]  I should visit certain links (which I won't repost here) but the words 'jerk' and 'lube' are in those urls and I'm like, hmm, this sounds like, oh, dear, porn! ;)

So, I'll just stick with my woofy dog, thank you ;)
McKay-I'm dead

Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater: The Rescue!

Regrettably, this installment is brought to you by popular demand (a handful of silly people asked “will there be a part 2?”) Unlike Stargate Atlantis, we listen to our audience! Yes, we won’t leave the audience hanging, we’ll fill in all the details you want!. Remember, you asked for this. If it gives you nightmares or destroys a few brain cells, nope, not my fault! ;)

To refresh your memory, check out Part One of this stellar installment of Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater, then come back here and proceed.

When we last left Rodney, he was in a pickle. Well, not a real pickle. Our special effects budget is slim, so you’ll have to make due with cranky pseudo-citrus aliens.

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