January 6th, 2009

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And the casting machine keeps going for Stargate Universe

An article on Canadian actor Sebastian Pigott, found at CTV said this "Since Canadian Idol, Sebastian has appeared on "The Border" and is currently auditioning for the sci-fi TV show "Stargate Universe."

Let's see, checked out his MySpace page and apparently this 25-year-old was on Canadian idol, so I guess Canadians can give the rest of us an indication if he's a good actor, etc.

However, this bit of potential casting does bear out the initial news release about "mostly young... explorers" and Kate Hewlett's blog note that they were casting young. I suspect the cast, with the exception of the Colonel character (I think the odds are 50/50 if he lives or dies) and Robert Carlyle, will in their early/mid-twenties...

UPDATE: A nice fan has provided photos and YouTube links in the Comments Section below. :)

Hugh Dillon's new series picked up by Ion

Oooh, something to look forward to. First, FLASHPOINT's second season debuts this coming Friday - okay, it's against Stargate Atlantis but that's what the VCR is for (Flashpoint, that is. DVR is for SGA!). But just read at TVWeek.com that Hugh Dillon's Global series Durham County has been picked up by ION Television. The article said “Durham County” is produced by Back Alley Films and Muse Entertainment. It stars “Flashpoint’s” Hugh Dillon as a homicide detective. “‘Durham County’ brings award-winning suspense, storytelling and casting to Ion’s first foray into 2009 original programming,” Brandon Burgess, chairman and CEO of Ion Media Networks, said in a statement. “With eerie crime storylines, ‘Durham County,’ along with the CBS hit show ‘Criminal Minds,’ will offer 'Positively Thrilling' primetime appointment viewing on Ion Television.”


Stargate Atlantis Action Figures - Series 3

Ooh, series 3 Stargate Atlantis Action Figures at Art Asylum. Just click on Sheppard to see the pretty pictures! I gotta place my pre-order this week!

Sheppard looks cool in that chair. Oh, I can do more with my little pretties in Action Figure Theater once I get them. The paper cutouts of Ronon are well, a bit flat and I can wait to do bad things to Keller ;)

Stargate Universe Auditions look set

Joe Mallozzi posted at his January 6th blog tonight on Stargate Universe auditions...

The laptop turned out to be of less importantance as we spent most of the day watching casting streams. So far, we have our Rush, Young, and Eli (official announcements on the latter two to come later this week). And, after today’s session, it looks like we may have our Tamara. We have two terrific candidates for both Scott and Stasiak, and a very likely Chloe. Otherwise, a fairly quiet day. Given recent developments, the writing staff now numbers five, but there is talk of adding at least one more newbie to the mix in addition to freelancers.


So, we'll see what they end up with. It's interesting that well, NOW they're adding to the writing staff with a possible new staff member and freelancers? Ah, sigh, if only they'd done that with Stargate Atlantis. Still think they should have kept Ken Cuperus...

And, well, yes, being selfish, wish we'd a little more blogging on the SGA movie since he IS writing that one.