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January 13th, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 

A Dog's Breakfast Free on Hulu.com!
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How great is this!?   The full version of our  A Dog's Breakfast movie is now
available for free at hulu.com! It's all legal, safe and it looks
fantastic...though I say so myself.

Please make sure you leave a comment on the hulu site and share the link to
the movie with family, friends, neighbors, enemies and even people you've only
met once briefly but somehow got their email address ;-)



Just click here:
Taking another stab at embedding videos. Joe Mallozzi posted two short clips from the finale of season 5 of Stargate Atlantis - well, heck, end of the show :( The last couple seconds of this video are sooo cute. Decided to put 'em both under the cut just in case folks haven't seen the finale.

Read more...Collapse )

This and that

Think I'll finally realize Stargate Atlantis is toast, dead, gone, only on DVD, when Friday rolls around and I don't have to decide which to watch: SGA or Flashpoint. Now, I can watch Flashpoint with no problem, as Friday's no longer has anything on Sci Fi worth watching (I tried Battlestar Galactica several tilmes, but eh, just doesn't click. Maybe when it's done and over and I can just rent the DVDs and do marathons...) Anyway, in fact, there's not much on SciFi to watch. Period. Maybe a tacky, crappy scifi/horror/pitiful CGI monster flick if an actor I like shows up in one...

Anyway, was thinking, gee, what is on TV nowadays...
Monday... Big Bang Theory. A total hoot. David Hewlett must guest star in it. He must! He's the ultilmate geek character. Still watch CSI: Miami, probably in the way a person drives by a car wreck and gawks.
Tuesday: NCIS, Mentalist, Law & Order SVU (the latter if I bother to stay up late - it syndicates to much I can catch it anyway)
WednesdayCriminal Minds, here and there, and CSI: NY, which is now the best of the CSI
ThursdayUgly Betty, cuz it's cute; CSI (until it ends) and Eleventh Hour, which is turning out better than I thought it would, although I must remember to watch the very very last ER whenever that airs.
Friday: Oh hey, I can just wallow in Ghost Whisperer, delight in Flashpoint (wonder if it will become a cult hilt like Due South did years ago?), and then maybe flick over to Psych.
Saturday: Catch repeats of anything I didn't see, as Saturday is now rerun-alley on all the channels, I swear.
Sunday: There's something on TV on Sunday??

So, no new fandoms really, but I am enjoying Flashpoint just on its own merits. It's a cop show, there's a buddy aspect to it, Hugh Dillon is fantastic in it, Stargate Atlantis/SG1 actors have shown up in (Alisen Down, once on Mysterious Ways and as Dr. Brightman on an SG-1 ep, is on this week's episode as a hostage). I must admit I also like the fact that at least you know who the good guys are. So many shows now are so 'gray' - good guys torturing people, etc. that, well, I want one nice bit of fantasy. And hey, the Toronto locales, etc. and the cast, sure aren't hard to look at either ;)

Oh, took the plunge and pre-ordered the series 3 Stargate Atlantis Action Figures (with Ronon, another Sheppard, Carter, Teyla and a Wraith drone). Once they come, I can gear up on Action Figure Theater. Must also remember to find some cheap railroad tracks *evil cackle*

A Saskatchewan Screamer is headed this way. Apparently, according to a weather guy on TV, they name the Arctic blasts out of Canada according to which province they come from. Wonder what other names they've thought up? Anyway, it's down to single digits on Friday, and that's the static temp, before windchill kicks in. Must remember to toss out extra birdseed, etc. this week for the poor critters.

Hmm, can wild animals eat marshmallows?

Oh yeah, and I got my tickets for Comic Con! (February7th, the NYC one- wish I could afford the San Diego one!) Anyone else going to the NYC one?


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