January 16th, 2009

Shep-this sucks

Wow, it's Friday ... and there's no Stargate Atlantis :(

TV seems.... empty. I mean, for years, there it was - Stargate Atlantis - at 9:00 or 10:00 and then repeated so if the dumb Skiffy channel screwed up and digitized Shep's face into a bunch of little boxes, I could get a better copy two hours later.

Now. Zip. Well, on SciFi. I have no problem watching Flashpoint on CBS - I think the show is great - particularly Hugh Dillon. Yet, even as I'm watching it, I'm going, "wait, she was on Stargate!" Yes, it doesn't matter. I play 'spot the Stargate' actor on any Canadian production now. Anyway, next week's episode looks fantastic from the snippets they showed.

Meanwhile, Stargate Universe... Mallozzi said on his blog : "SGU will definitely be more of an arc-driven series. Although it will have its fair share of stand-alone and multi-parters, the show will have more season-long plot and character threads running through every episode." To me, this is all beginning to sound very "Battlestar Galactic-y". Right now, after the initial casting stuff is all out (still waiting for any female actors to be announced), I'm like... meh... When SGA came out with cast names, I went, "who the heck is Joe Flanigan? but omygawd, they got David Hewlett!" I just don't have the enthusiasm, even with Robert Carlyle, for this show. I think his acting talents will outweigh the writing talents (well, some of them, I should say *cough*).

Also, blast, darn, drat (instead of really swearing). SGU won't premiere till the Fall, which will probably push the SGA movie back till ... when? Definitely 2010, I'm sure but when? Gah... What kills me is that SGA is syndicating in my market - at two in the friggin' A.M.! Ack, I work for a living, I can't stay up that late watching it! If I pop in a DVD it's far to addictive to stop, so save those for weekends.