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January 19th, 2009

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Aw.... :( We'll never heard those words again. Bob May, the actor who played the robot on LOST IN SPACE, died of congestive heart failure on January 18th in Lancaster, CA. He was 69 years old. An obit can be found at http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090119/asp_en_tv/obit_may.


Since I had the day off, and it was snowing, and the roads were slick, I stayed home and tossed food on and off to the birds, and went through a stack of TV Guides and Entertainment Weeklys that had accumulated on a chair (to one of those dangerous stacks that if it falls, could sever a toe, or at least mash it). Anyway, found out there is an animated series called Penguins of Madagascar (yes, from the Madagascar movies) coming up. It premieres in March on the Nickelodeon channel. And Christopher Gorham (whose character Henry once dated Betty on Ugly Betty) will have his own show called Harper’s Island which debuts on CBS on April 9th. Regrettably, most of the cast is young and will be bumped off when the series concludes when the 13 episodes run out. It’s about young people at a weeklong wedding party in which people get bumped off by a serial killer. Guess someone was pissed off about not getting an invite. Think the most interesting looking one is Castle (debuts March 9th on ABC) which stars Firefly’s Nathan Fillion, about an author whose murder books are being copied by a real life murderer. And Cupid is being redone over at ABC, and my hope is that with that being redone, they’ll repeat the original one with Jeremy Piven, but most importantly, with Joe Flanigan! Otherwise the first quarter season (no other way to describe it these days) looks, eh, meh, nothing too exciting.

But best yet, got into a cleaning mood, which also included the computer, and I went, hmm, what’s this folder marked “SGA stories to read.” The motherlode! I’d saved a bunch of Shep whump stories onto the hard drive and hadn’t read them yet. Yes, Stargate Atlantis still lives! Well, at least in fanfic. I also found another folder full of LJ stories I’d just saved the story off, to read/print later and comment on. Oh, have lots of feedback to leave.

Meanwhile, Flashpoint seems to be doing pretty good. The CTV ratings were the highest ever. Full article at Canada Newswire. The better the rating on both sides of the border, the more chance of a third season and ooh, maybe DVD sets!

And I mostly spent the weekend shoveling the driveway. Was out at midnight last night. Dog insisted on going out, so I brushed aside one spot, then just kept going. And did it again tonight when it got dark. It seems easier when it’s dark, because maybe I just don’t see HOW much snow I really have to shovel!

Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick, aka the late Col. Sumner from Stargate Atlantis, or, John Doggett from The X-Files, is going to be at the New York Comic Con on Friday, February 7th, so... won't be seeing him, as I bought my ticket for Saturday. Maybe next year I can swing the 3-day deal. It's not so much the ticket price but the back and forth on train, or cost of hotel, and getting time off.

Anyway, details!

Alien Trespass

A lost Sci-Fi epic's recently been unearthed! Not seen since 1957, this film by legendary producer Louie Q. Goldstone is essential viewing for anyone who considers themselves a science fiction fan. Be one of the first of this generation to glimpse vintage Alien Trespass broadsides and meet the creator--- veteran X-Files director R.W. Goodwin as well as descendants of the original cast. Eric McCormack (Free Enterprise), and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) are scheduled to be in the room, too.


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