February 1st, 2009


Flashpoint Article List #2 + Jessica Steen mentioned in article

For the Stargate Atlantis fans, a mention of Jessica Steen's upcoming role in the CBS/CTV drama Flashpoint....

New York Daily Vue (from NY Daily News newspaper)

Feb 01 2009 – Flashpoint’s Colantoni gets fed information

Crew people sometimes know things before actors are on a series, says Flashpoint star Enrico Colantoni. “I hear I might actually go out on a date,” the actor says of his divorced character, Sgt. Greg Parker. “I got that from the hair and makeup people.” According to him, the only person who really has the inside scoop on his CBS series about a team of elite crisis-managing cops “is the craft services lady. She seems to know everything.” He got info on the new character being played by Jessica Steen – filing in for Amy Jo Johnson, who has been on maternity leave – by visiting the craft services table as well. In the story arc developing this month, Steen is “sort of the catalyst that disrupts the flow of the team.”

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