February 11th, 2009

glowy fish

Bizarre food site + Australian bushfires

A couple interesting links.

First, just looking at this blog will probably add ten pounds. Whoa, I cannot believe the vending machines. I'd say "surely they can't exist?!" but I'm sure they do. The blog is "Why You're Fat." ;)

Next, video of the now famous Koala named Sam, who was found in a burned out forest in Australia. There's an article here and if you just Google 'sam the koala', well, you'll find a ton. Sam, a female koala by the way, is now at an animal center with Bob, another koala. He also got singed in the fires.

Here's a photo snerched off the Reuters site of Sam and Bob:

There is an article on Sam and the firefighter being reunited at The Herald Sun.

The Australian Red Cross is soliciting help here. Nearly 200 people have died; over one million animals are estimated to have perished in the bushfires. AnimalAid is soliciting help and more for wildlife and pets.