February 14th, 2009

invader zim

Meta: An Actor's Guide to Stargate (Universe) Fandom

Heh, I had an older copy of this I’d done years ago when Stargate Atlantis first came out and I unearthed it, so figured, why not retool it and post it now that I have a LJ.  

This is what I would say if I had the chance to speak to the Stargate Universe actors, because too often sci fi fans get a bad rap ‘(ohmygawd, crazy people – they have no lives – they live in their parent’s basement!’ – but nobody says a darn thing about the half-naked out of-of-shape guys who paint themselves blue and red at baseball games and stand around for hours in 20 degree temps cheering on their teams…).

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dalek, exterminate

Aw, shoot!

No sign of my Stargate Atlantis action figures (series 3) yet. In doing some quick google-blooging, er, blogging, discovered that some folks have these figures in their hot little hands. Darn! I have an idea for an action figure theater episode, which I suppose could work with the 'paper' versions but oh, to have a real Ronon and Keller, who aren't held up with tape and toothpicks! ;)

Anybody get theirs yet??