March 11th, 2009

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MediaWest*Con 2009

Some fans may have noticed the official website is down. Don't worry. The con is happening, it's just that the server hosting the website ... isn't, so it's being hosted on a temporary site at

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for panels, get them in to us by the this weekend at


UPDATE: I"ve created a Twitter account for programming purposes:
shep B&W

SGU to film in Almagordo, New Mexico

Several press releases came out today:

This one covers it pretty well.

Efforts to join tourism more closely with the state’s film industry might find an interesting intersection in a new television show that will shoot part of an episode here.

“Stargate: Universe” is the latest member of the Stargate franchise. The new MGM/Sci Fi Channel show will shoot in Alamogordo in late April and early May. It plans to hire about 75 local crew members.

(The New Mexico Tourism Department has been using its own version of space aliens to tout the state as the Best Place in the Universe to visitors.)

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Flashpoint Article List #06: Ratings, Canadian TV + photos

Here’s the latest list of article links on Flashpoint, starring Hugh Dillon and Enrico Colantoni. Due to length of post, it's under the cut, plus there are a few pictures too... :)


Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore, middle, laughs with actors Hugh Dillon, left, and Enrico Colantoni on the set of 'Flashpoint,' where Moore announced the creation of the Canadian Media Fund. (March 9, 2009)


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David Nykl - Beast of Bottomless Lake

You'd think with all the dreck on Sci Fi Channel, they could pick up this little gem which does sound like an amusing film. Anyway, discovered that Beast of Bottomless Lake has a Facebook group that anyone can join -

Oh, and the official blog at has some updates....

A watershed moment.

Yesterday Craig, Mike, David and I gathered together to watch The Beast of Bottomless Lake for the first time front to back on one piece, properly edited.

There is still a lot of work left to be done, but the perspective has significantly shifted. We now have a 'whole' by which to compare against. It also means that I have been robbed of a stock answer. Almost every day I hear some variation on the declaration 'I can hardly wait to see the film!' to which I regularly quip "Yeah, me too!" Simple, but not without its own subtle wit.