March 12th, 2009


Stargate Atlantis: Season 5 DVD set release date

At last, we  have a date for season 5 of Stargate Atlantis (this means I can erase my DVR's hard drive; it's full of season 5 which I can't bring myself to zap).

reports that season 5 is due out June 30th for $69.98. That's pricey, but it may have extras. Visit the link for all the details. And, most stores discount it heavily in the first week of sales.

Kate Hewlett on Flashpoint??

Oh, I sure hope it happens!!

Read on Kate Hewlett's twitter...
Just read a Flashpoint script and now trying not to cry in public! Sad & well-written. Would love to be on Flashpoint...with V Mars's dad!

Very cool! I really hope Kate can be on Flashpoint as that show is doing very well in two countries (dont' know about the rest of the world yet) and would be wonderful exposure for her, plus I think she'd be great on it. :)

Flashpoint photos

Not here, but on various links.

First, check out for a bunch of photos from this season.

Next, visit, a livejournal community devoted to Flashpoint which has some lovely presskit shots. Man, I wish whoever took the photos here had done Stargate Atlantis as no photoshop poisoning here!

And, nothing really spoilerish, so you can gawk at your leisure :)