April 1st, 2009


Jason Momoa on THE GAME on April 3rd


Stargate: Atlantis ended its five-year run in January after 100 episodes, with the sci-fi favorite now continuing in syndication Saturday nights on WBNX. One of the series’ most popular stars, Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex), will switch genres to appear in four episodes of The Game, beginning this Friday. His character becomes involved with Kelly, played by Brittany Daniels—who Jason crossed paths with on Aaron Spelling’s North Shore several years ago. Viewers are accustomed to seeing Jason with his dreadlocks, but they’re long gone for this comedic role.


Glad it's finally on as I've been taping and speed searching this show for weeks! From what I recall, he did a few episodes.

UPDATE (Thanks to lahela_sga): Jason is in 4 episodes of this CW show, including the finale.