April 7th, 2009


Stargate Atlantis up for Constellation Awards (Canadian) & Leo Awards

Since it's long, the full details of who's up for what in this Canadian awards is below the cut. So, David Hewlett is up for an award here, as well as at the Leo Awards (http://www.leoawards.com/nominees_by_program_2009.html)  Stargate Atlantis had 16 nominations. Oh wait, haven't posted those yet. Here they are...



The Nominees for Best Dramatic Series are…

Reaper - JP Finn, Michelle Fazekas, Tara Butters, Tom Spezialy - Producers

Smallville - James Marshall, Rob Maier, Jae Marchant - Producers

Stargate Atlantis - Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert Cooper,

Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough, John Smith - Producers


The Nominees for Best Direction in a Dramatic Series are…

James Head - Reaper - Acid Queen

Steven A. Adelson - Sanctuary - Instinct III

James Marshall - Smallville - Fracture

Glen Winter - Smallville - Committed

Robert Cooper - Stargate Atlantis - Vegas


The Nominees for Best Screenwriting  in a Dramatic Series are

Sam Egan - Sanctuary - Edward

Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie - Stargate Atlantis - Remnants

Brad Wright - Stargate Atlantis - The Shrine

Alan McCullough - Stargate Atlantis - The Queen

James Phillips - The Guard - Out of the Woods


The Nominees for Best Cinematography  in a Dramatic Series are

Attila Szalay - Reaper - Cancun

Glen Winter - Smallville - Fracture

Michael Blundell - Stargate Atlantis - Vegas

Jim Menard - Stargate Atlantis - The Shrine


The Nominees for Best Picture Editing  in a Dramatic Series are

Daria Ellerman - Samurai Girl - Book of the Sword Part 1

Gordon Rempel - Sanctuary - Revelations Part 2

Mike Banas - Stargate Atlantis - Vegas

Brad Rines - Stargate Atlantis - The Shrine

Lisa Binkley - The L Word - Lay Down the Law


The Nominees for Best Overall Sound  in a Dramatic Series are

Kelly Cole, Bill Mellow, Joe Watts, Hugo De Le Cerda, Kevin Belen

Stargate Atlantis - Enemy at the Gate

Roger Morris, Greg Stewart, Ken Biehl, Shane Connelly

The L Word - Long Night's Journey Into Day


The Nominees for Best Sound Editing  in a Dramatic Series are

Steve Smith, Matthew Wilson, Kirby Jinnah, Jay Cheetham

Stargate Atlantis - Enemy at the Gate

Roger Morris, Don Mann, Chris McLaren, Maureen Murphy, Bonnie Lambie

The L Word - Long Night's Journey Into Day


The Nominees for Best Production Design  in a Dramatic Series are

Rachel O'Toole - Reaper - Cancun

James Philpott - Smallville - Traveler

James Philpott - Smallville - Quest

James Robbins - Stargate Atlantis - Search and Rescue


The Nominees for Best Costume Design  in a Dramatic Series are

Maya Mani - Reaper - Acid Queen

Valerie Halverson - Stargate Atlantis - The Queen


The Nominees for Best Make-Up  in a Dramatic Series are

Todd Masters, Mike Fields, Geoff Redknap, Jamie Salmon, Sarah Pickersgill

Eureka - What About Bob?

Todd Masters, Nicholas Podbrey, Sarah Pickersgill, Harlow MacFarlane

Sanctuary - Warriors

Todd Masters, Holland Miller, Kyla-Rose Tremblay, Nicholas Podbrey, Brad Proctor

Stargate Atlantis - Vegas


The Nominees for Best Visual Effects  in a Dramatic Series are

Lee Wilson, Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Sebastien Bergeron, Les Quinn, Matthew Belbin

Sanctuary - Sanctuary For All

Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Kodie MacKenzie, Vivian Jim, Dan Wier

Stargate Atlantis - First Contact


The Nominees for Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series are

Missy Peregrym - Reaper - Coming to Grips

Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary - Requiem

Jewel Staite - Stargate Atlantis - Tracker

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Twitter nonsense

Because I was curious. The amount of followers the Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis actors currently have on Twitter as of today. No SG1 folk are on twitter to my knowledge (well, Lexa Doig does and doesn't - her tweets were all gone today), and I left out behind the scenes folks.



DHewlett – 10,317

KateHewlett – 3,354



BrianJacobSmith – 206

DavidBlue – 897
Alainahuffman- 187