April 28th, 2009

shep B&W

Joe Flanigan mentioned in New York Post

This was a fun thing to wake up when I did my quick Google search!



April 28 2009 article on CHELSEA HANDLER, who has a late night talk show...

Instead, she gets her guests to open up and sometimes makes them uncomfortable. Handler managed to make Snoop Dogg, the epitome of mellow, squirm in his seat when she asked whether meeting his wife in high school was like "a Jamie-Lynn Spears hookup."

Or take "Stargate Atlantis" star Joe Flanigan, whom she put on the spot. "Do you know that you're good looking?" she asked him as he visibly blanched. Handler then praised his ability to be a convincing actor given the subject matter, "because acting like you're on a spaceship is kind of ridiculous."


Wow, I remember that episode (in fact, it's still on the DVR!) Anyway, it was the first and probably last time I'll watch that show unless an actor I really like goes on it. She's such an, er, um, idiot? THe whole show is based on just how rude can a person be, basically.