May 7th, 2009


Joe Flanigan Jace Hall Show video link + exclusive photo!

Well, I'm sure by now every awake Joe Flanigan fan has been playing the Jace Hall show segment over and over again. Joe bookends the Sanctuary piece and the Terminator Salvation video game is Here's the direct link or go to (Note: contains some swearing you won't hear on SGA)


Meanwhile, under the cut, is an exclusive photo of Joe Flanigan from the filming of that segment. Under the cut for size. Also, there are two more photos which I will post over the next couple days. Enjoy!


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Viewing Joe Flanigan's segment from JACE HALL

Seems folks are having problems...

Try this link:

As for folks outside the U.S., a little bird told me.... try ultrasurf which will hide the ip from being identified as outside of the US. I've heard some people got it to work. -- I've never tried, know nothing about it, so you might want to proceed with caution. (oops, just heard that someone used Ultrasurf and it worked!)

Meanwhile, if you can't view on the JaceHall link in the previous post, you can try this video link too:

(changed to URL as too many videos were slogging down the livejournal!)
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Joe Flanigan on Jace Hall: More links and screencaps

More on Joe Flanigan's appearance on Jace Hall.

Someone has loaded just his segment to YouTube at - no telling how long it will stay there.

Also, a fan screencapped practically every second of Joe and you can find them here:
[Note: You can take as many as you'd like for your personal use, but please do not hotlink directly to any photo on that site. thanks!]

And if you like the video, why not leave a comment on their page ( which doesn't require any registration, but will sure let them know what we fans like :)

Another new exclusive photo will be posted tomorrow morning :)