June 18th, 2009


Rain, rain, rain

Nothing much to report here except - I mowed the lawn. Yes, my big accomplishment. I was there going 'mow lawn? paint house?' gah! Trouble is we've had ten days straight of rain so the lawn was tall, and although I have to paint house, I also had to mow lawn, so I mowed lawn. Despite the day being dry, the grass was still wet. My one hand is still green-black sorta from constantly unclogging bottom of lawnmower.

Meanwhile, I'm still destroying brain cells by watching Lou Diamond Phillips in NBC's game show I'm a Celebrity. I don't think I'll be watching any more game shows unless I'm sick or an actor I really like is in one. Luckily I saved some brain cells (snort) by continuing my Kung Fu: The Legend Continues marathon. Just finished the first season. My god, the ads are hysterical, cuz they're from '94 or so and well, the hairstyles, etc. Plus, one ad for Nintendo(?) going on about the mega "64 bits!" of memory. Bwahahahah! And you could get a fully loaded premium car for just $15K. Ah, should have bought a car then. No, wait, I already had (a few years before - and still have it. Duct tape, I love you.)

So, off to work and gray rainy day. Not the time to give up coffee. Don't think green tea packs the caffeine like coffee but I decided I didn't care for coffee much anymore and I had this green tea I should drink up.