February 3rd, 2010

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Michael Shanks talks to MovieWeb about Smallville role

Exclusive interview with Michael Shanks re Smallville


What can fans of the Justice Society Of America, and Hawkman in general, expect from this two-hour Smallville movie event?

Michael Shanks: Wow! Could you find a more general question? (Laughs) I could talk for hours about what their expectations should be. They are going to get a lot of Hawkman's backstory. There is an appearance by nearly every single member of the Justice Society. Some more than others, obviously. Fans can expect true-to-form characterizations. What Geoff Johns wrote for Hawkman, and what I intended to do with him, was stay loyal to the comic book personality of Carter Hall. There are some interesting twists and turns when it comes to Kent Nelson and Star Girl. The first hour is cool like the other side of the pillow. It sucks you in because of all the intriguing elements. Then the episode picks up with more action as it rolls along. There will certainly be some Smallville elements with Lois and Clark thrown in. In terms of the JSA, there is a lot of backstory. There is a lot of angst and pathos. There is some good resolution at the end as well. We will be seeing a few of our all-time favorite characters in action. Which is a lot of fun.