February 11th, 2010

McKay-this is cool

Even David Hewlett is tweeting about Joe Flanigan & Rockford Files

From twitter today!

@JaceHall Joe Flanigan got way out of hand in this next episode of Jace Hall Show tomorrow. Chris Judge had to mediate - 4 REALZ www.jacehallshow.com

dhewlett: RT @JaceHall JOE FLAN in the NBC's new ROCKFORD FILES TV show campaign #JoeRockford #JoeFlaniganAsRockford (via @shep4lily)- Perfect choice!

So definitely check out Jace Hall's site tomorrow. Let's blow our the servers! :)

TVScreener.com - Joe Flanigan as Rockford

Love how this has taken off across the web!


'The Rockford Files’ Remake: Who Should Be the New Jim Rockford?
Posted February 11th, 2010 by Kim

UPDATE 2.11.10: I originally posted this last July, when buzz started that NBC was going to remake the classic James Garner drama The Rockford Files. The Hollywood Reporter recently mentioned Matt Dillon’s name as one of the actors producers were persuing for the redo, but in the last couple of days here at TVScreener.com, fans have been excitedly voicing their support for Stargate: Atlantis star Joe Flanigan as the man who could fill Garner’s Emmy-winning Rockford shoes.

I agree, Flanigan would be an excellent Jim Rockford, able to pull off the humor, the leading man charm, the action bits … Rockford producers, the people have spoken (and are continuing to speak). Is Mr. Flanigan on your Rockford Files short list?

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