February 14th, 2010


My dog, the money pit

Anyway, we were brushing the dog last night when my brother felt a lump on its backside. And then hair came out. Gah! A icky bloody type hole (icky picture here - the drippy stuff is hydrogen peroxide, not goo, fortunately) and there were more bumps, holes, whatever. This dog is like a Woolly Mammoth, so we have no idea when whatever happened.. happened. We weren't sure if it was puncture wounds (raccoon? coyote? neighbor's dog got nailed by something around the last holidays).

So, we peroxied said wound, then this morning spent the morning at the emergency vet clinic. Ah, could have had a camcorder for what I spent on pooch. But luckily, nothing horrid. They shaved a huge patch, debrided the wounds and sent him home with antibiotics. Here's what the 'after' shot of dog's backside looks like ..... [6/21/10 - well, not there anymore. For some unfathomable reason, Photobucket removed it. I mean, wow, it was just the hair shaved off thedog's backside and some scabs - I've seen worse skinned knees...)

And now, here's the dog, happy enough, about 15 minutes after we got home. He's fine. Yeah, it wasn't his charge card with nearly $200 added on to it!

And oh yeah, remember a post from last year where we'd found some weird horn thing growing out of his tail? Well, it's gone. Disappeared, fell off, whatever. I figure it sprouted little legs and went off to take over the world... ;)

Meanwhile, am very glad dog is okay. Phew.