February 19th, 2010


Des Moines Register: interview with Jason Momoa




Interview with Norwalk’s ‘Conan’ star Jason Momoa

I’m in pain,” Jason Momoa groaned as he lay down for a 10-minute break.

That’s what six hours of sword and fight training can do to a guy.

Momoa, who grew up in Norwalk, Ia., was enrolled in early February in an intense six-week training program at a stunt and martial arts academy in Los Angeles for his title role in the upcoming movie “Conan.”


And Oh.My.God. baby pictures of Jason!!


Jason in 1980. Aw, a tyke! (C) Coni Momoa


IGN Video: Jace Hall Show Video - The Jace Hall Show: Season 3 Outtakes: Joe Flanigan

Oooh, there's a bit more of Joe Flanigan at Jace Hall! Please note there is some swearing, so cover little kid's ears, or turn down volume. It's very short, like 20 seconds top, and well, it's a blooper! Direct link at: Jace Hall

Mucho big thanks to sky3428 for finding this (they spelled his name as Flanagan, not Flanigan)

NOTE: Okay, trying to get the embed to work - hmm - but the links do work, so use those instead.

Joe Flanigan won't give up the "V" Suit in latest Jace Hall webisode

Brand new Jace Hall, season 3, episode #4, and more Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis)!




Contains swearing, so cover little ears. And segments without Joe – yes, your ears can get blistered. Joe appears at 4.43 mark and the 7.45 mark (note that the HD version froze at the 8.40 mark, but there was no Joe past that point)

When we last left Joe, he had eluded Jace and Todd, who are anxious to retrieve the precious suit. Meanwhile, Joe is impressing a lady with the suit.

Collapse )