February 20th, 2010

McKay-manly hug

And David Hewlett is working on....

Hmm, guess we'll have to wait for David Hewlett to spin the beans. I went and asked Craig Engler of SyFy what the movie was, and got back this response. Darn.

@Syfy  Q) @wraithfodder Question: What movie is @dhewlett making for Syfy? Really curious! A) I don't think we've announced that one yet.

UPDATE: Feb 21 - found this on my twitter stream...
Karen O'Hara SyfyMovies Follow SG Atlantis David Hewlett (@dhewlett) as he directs a Syfy original movie in Bulgaria! Go David!
exterminate, dalek

A movie I am actually looking forward to see...

And of course, it's animated. I swear, I see more animated kid's flicks than ones meant for adults!

I wasn't really aware of it until I started seeing the ads for it on the Olympics. I gotta see if those ads are online somewhere. They're a scream! And this is a cool foreign ad. The little dragons are so cute.