February 25th, 2010

invader zim

Happy News

Yes, heard on the news today that GM is dumping the Hummer line. Finally, these behemoths will go extinct. I live in an area with 'hummer hives,' as I call them - Hummer dealers, and the people who drive them? Not the best. Tiny blonde housewife yakking on cellphone while driving these things. Disaster waiting to happen. Plus they take up two parking spaces. And there's nothing more fun than being tailgated by one of these! Ack!

Covnention: David Nykl & David Hewlett

Photos from the recent Paris, France convention, and there is one shot of David Nykl and David Hewlett (alas, the top of the latter's head!) but here's a cool shot of fans dressed up as the Stargate Atlantis folk: Ronon, McKay, Sheppard (a good one!) and a Wraithkeeper.

Photo copyright to folks below

Rest at http://www.actusf.com/spip/breve-4976.html

Always wondered what cons outside the U.S. looked like.