March 31st, 2010

shep B&W

Stargate Atlantis actors: bits and pieces of news

Let's see, first off, yes, Kate Hewlett has a guest role on the CTVC/CBS drama, FLASHPOINT! She tweeted today:

@katehewlett I get to be an uptight fiancee, a bitchy pregnant woman and a wounded mom all in one day. Acting rocks.

and the co-creator of Flashpoint tweeted today as well:

@Flashpoint_TV Great read through today. Terrific guest cast including @katehewlett

Now if CBS can get off their duff and give us Flashpoint again down here in the States. I love that show!!


Stonehenge Apocalypse will premiere in June on SyFy. You go "What? Another dreadful CGI monster flick?" Well, yes, but Torri Higginson is in it (despite the lack of her name in the press releases). For those who must know the plot: When the giant stones of Stonehenge begin to move and cataclysms occur all over the earth, only a fringe radio talk show host who’s an expert in UFOlogy figures out that the ancient monument is really alien technology. Yeah, sounds... just like the title *cough* ;)


Meanwhile, some nice press on Jason Momoa and the Conan the Barbarian movie (besides the 'he's awful pretty to be Conan" using an old Baywatch picture). says ....  Patrice Louinet who has studied, worked on and edited the works of Conan creator Robert E. Howard for decades, was able to take a look at some Conan set pictures belonging to Fredrik Malmberg Conan's producer.

Here is what he had to say (In translated text).....

"Got to see Fredrik Malmberg, who showed me a few pics - pre CGI - of Jason Momoa as Conan. Despite this, these pics were enough to convince me a bit more that Momoa is an excellent Conan, as far as his looks is concerned. He is very close to the character as described by Howard: he is hairy, dark, scarred and muscular yet lithe, devoid of the body-builder physique syndrome. Really impressive. More, Momoa has taken the Howard books with him, often reading a few passages for himself before shooting to get into his character."


And drat, no news on Joe Flanigan. Gah, I want him to get a new series, or a really great movie (cuz at this rate, I not holding out at all for any SG1 or SGA movies). David Hewlett finished his directorial debut of some unnamed scifi movie for SyFy which has 'evil snow monkeys' but that could just as easily be a pet name. Filmed in snowy Bulgaria, although he could have stayed in the States and filmed cheaper what with all the snow we've had here. Nothing new on Rachel Luttrell. I wish she'd put out a CD...