May 2nd, 2010


More on the Joe Flanigan photo project

Ah, more news on Joe Flanigan on this has come out of Fedcon. Quoting

 One thing however - I did ask Joe if he could give us more info about the twitter on Martin Firrell's site saying he was preparing for a photo shoot with Joe. Joe was a little surprised and said, 'News travels fast'. He then told us he's going to be photographed by Firrell as part of the Hero work, as 'Firrell seems to think I'm a hero, go figure') (of course the audience clapped their agreement).

He then said, his photo will be displayed in very big size on famous buildings in London. He hesitated a moment, then said 'I hope not on the sanitation building! Maybe Buckingham Palace, yes I'd like that!' As ever, Joes's sense of timing in his delivery of this answer shows what a good performer he is. Most of the other questions led to stories we've heard before - Jason mooning Hewlett from the car on the way home, Joe's uncontrollable hair despite heavy duty stuff from make-up during his recording of Providence etc

And if you visit twitter account, he's got some interesting tweets, so he's soliciting comments!

John Sheppard's worst qualities?
John Sheppard's best qualities?
Fine Art exploration of heroism in popular culture, Atlantis, Sheppard: video shoot with JF.
What makes Major John Sheppard a great man?
Prepping for shoot with Joe Flanigan on the 10th: Nathan Fillion, shortly: Hero-remixed is on its way...

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News items on David Hewlett, David Nykl, Torri Higginson & Paul McGillion

Just latest news bits on some folk...



Helen offers huge rewards for those who care to discover

Starring Ashley Judd, Goran Visnjic, Lauren Lee Smith, Alexia Fast, Alberta Watson and David Nykl.

Directed by Sandra Nettelbeck.

- - ½ out of five

- - -

Depression, sadly, is a dirty word.

The mere mention of any variety of mental illness makes most people squirm, but depression is the one that proves impossible to understand unless you've witnessed -- or, God forbid, experienced -- its debilitating effects first-hand.


REST AT LINK ABOVE, no mention of Davids but good review






Three local companies receive NEA grants to help kids brush up on their Shakespeare


Remember those long afternoons in English class, plowing through "Macbeth"?

Well, Shakespeare is meant to be seen and heard, not read--which is why the National Endowment for the Arts created Shakespeare for a New Generation, a grant program designed to help theaters bring the Bard to life for middle and high school students.


Photo: JD Cullum and Torri Higginson in "Much Ado About Nothing," which is running through May 21 at A Noise Within. Credit: Craig Schwartz


REST AT LINK ABOVE, no mention of Davids but good review




You can find the first 'teaser' trailer to his indie movie A FINE YOUNG MAN at


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Director Kevan Funk is at


And there are three promo shots at the Paul McGillion facebook -!/pages/Paul-McGillion/19559746826 and I swear I have no idea how to work Facebook anymore. They keep changing it!