May 10th, 2010


Bit more on Martin Firrell Photo Shoot with Joe Flanigan

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martinfirrell: 'Does the hair ever stay down?' We shall find out! ·


martinfirrell: Lights - check! Interview questions - check! Industrial quantities of hair gel - check! All set for Flanigan / Sheppard video shoot tomorrow


martinfirrell: Putting finishing touches to Joe Flanigan interview, and realising how seduced I remain by Atlantis


martinfirrell: On Monday I investigate stargates, wormholes and wraith with the legend that is Joe Flanigan. Dial the gate!


martinfirrell: On Monday I investigate stargates, wormholes and wraith with the legend that is Joe Flanigan. Dial the gate!

So, hoping we'll see at least one or two pictures online!


First photos of Jason Momoa from Conan the Barbarian movie set


both have photos, but the latter has a bit more text.

I was happy about the news that Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis) had been cast as Conan in the new film by Marcus Nispel. He seems like he can act, and he’s got a look that will not only work for the part, but quickly differentiate this version from the Schwarzenegger original.

Now we’ve got a few pics of Momoa in costume and a handful of set images to give you an idea of what to expect from Conan.

Here's one picture.

Jason Momoa from Conan the Barbarian movie (5/2010)

Oh oh, check out - basically same info but nice clean shot of Jason and, well, some lucky gal ;)


Update on Martin Firrell shooting with Joe Flanigan - photo!

More twitter coverage...

martinfirrell: @ladygeeke Generous, charming, smart, humane, thoughtful, funny, full of ideas about the value of sci fi, cult, very respectful of fandom


martinfirrell: Yay my brilliant assistant Kate, Project Director Emma, Camera and sound (Charlie and Christian) and top hair tamer Kat!


martinfirrell: Thanks to everyone who suggested questions: I asked as many as time would allow. Will report back once video is ready for review! ·


Joe Flanigan by Martin Firrell

(BIGGER version at link below - please click on it - the more clicks, the better!)

martinfirrell: The great man himself!


martinfirrell: Extraordinarily rich and interesting shoot with Joe Flanigan. The man is a legend.


Martin also has a YouTube channel and if we're lucky, he'll load up stuff on Joe!!


Fedcon Links #4: Video(!), photos and more: Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett

Yes, more links on FedCon as folks get home, get their thoughts collected and write, or post pretty pictures of Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett…


Oh whoa, first video report from FEDCON and Joe Flanigan talks about taking the wrong train. “ and David Hewlett at autograph table, and interviewed too. He’s got nice running shoes. They’re in the beginning of this professionally-made video and at the end of it as well.


Here are some screencaps:

Joe Flanigan - Fedcon
Joe Flanigan and two very lucky fans :) 

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