May 11th, 2010

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SPX interview with Martin Firrell re Joe Flanigan & John Sheppard

This is a neat interview:

Blogger Kelly Harker finds out what the Stargate actor has been doing with artist Martin Firrell

When my good friend and hero, cultural activist/artist/writer Martin Firrell told me that he was working with Stargate Atlantis’s Joe Flanigan for a new public art project, I had to find out more! Here in my interview with Martin, he talks about his art, the importance of science fiction, what it was like to work with Nathan Fillion and Joe Flanigan, and what sci-fi inspired projects he has planned for the future.....

Why did you want to work with Joe?

Martin: “I have been wanting to work with Joe for a couple of years. But sometimes it’s difficult to make contact with an artist’s management in the right way. In the end, I gave up. Then Wendy Scott (the Webwych of Sending A Wave podcast) said she was going to a convention where Joe was appearing and she was happy to let him know I was trying to make contact. She gave Joe my email address, Joe emailed, then we spoke on the phone and agreed to work together – that was about six months ago or so, and then it was just a question of waiting for the timing to work out. I really admire Joe’s work, and the character of Sheppard is very seductive because he is so playful.”

And, as always, visit the link above for the complete article. I can't wait till this project is unveiled!  And there's even a mention of Torri Higgiinson in the interview. :)

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Joe Flanigan and Amanda Tapping on Ellen Show campaign

and.... from FedCon...

May 7, 4:16 AM
Stargate actors supporting the campaign!!

Last weekend at FedCon, one of our awesome supporters Susanne, was kind enough
to ask Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Cliff Simon if they would mind supporting
our campaign to get Amanda Tapping on The Ellen Show. Time was limited so she
didn't get much of a chance to tell them too much about the campaign, but by the
looks of things it was enough to peak their interest and get them involved.

When it comes to Amanda Tapping, it seems that most people who have worked with
her feel the same way as we do about her, she is a wonderful human being and
would be an outstanding guest on The Ellen Show.

Huge thanks to Susanne Praetorius for her wonderful contributions and
outstanding efforts in getting more support for @AmandaOnEllen. Your efforts are
hugely appreciated. Huge round of applause to Susanne.

Also we must thank Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Cliff Simon for their
support, you guys are amazing, we love you, thank you so much for helping us in
the campaign to get Amanda On Ellen.


You can click on link for nice picture of Joe!

Michael Shanks in FACES IN THE CROWD, new movie

I gotta get a Daniel icon... anyway... news on the new film!

Oscar-nominated writer/director Julien Magnat's feature length debut Faces in the Crowd began principal photography in and around Winnipeg, Canada this past weekend. Joining the previously announced Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Fourth Kind) and Julian McMahon ("Nip/Tuck", Fantastic Four) are Michael Shanks ("Stargate", "24"), David Atrakchi (Transporter 3), Sarah Wayne Callies ("Prison Break") and Marianne Faithful. The concept behind this thriller is pretty cool as Jovovich stars as a woman who has a severe case of face-blindess -- and there's "someone" after her. You can find the full plot details below.

"Magnat's script chronicles the account of elementary school teacher Anna Marchant (Milla Jovovich) who is attacked by a serial killer known only as Tearjerk Jack and survives, but is left to struggle with a neurological disorder commonly referred to as face-blindness (prosopagnosia).

Only able to recognize voices she fights to adapt to her diagnosis and the ever-changing faces of those around her. Working with Detective Kerrest (Julian McMahon) Anna race's to identify her attacker. All the while the killer is closing in determined to eliminate this potential witness. Only Anna has seen his face – and he could be anyone. "

The film is a Saskatchewan-Manitoba interprovincial Canada-France co-production with key technical and creative personnel from both provinces. Principal photography will take place in Manitoba and post-production including all computer generated visual effects will be completed in Saskatchewan.

Executive producer Nicolas Chartier of Voltage Pictures will handle international sales. Their first in-house production, THE HURT LOCKER, received six Academy Award's in 2010.

Principal photography will wrap June 13, 2010.

--Full article at link above


No Stargate Atlantis audiobooks in 3rd series, squirrels & wet cats & whatever

Well, just went through a month's worth of LJ entries, of course, to discover I missed about a week. Darn. Hopefully I had read all that. Anyway, lots of cute squirrel photos, a cat playing in a bathtub IN THE WATER (adorable) and Stargate Atlantis fanfiction to bookmark. Boy, do I need to buy some spare time on eBay so I can read it all!

Came across in which it says No Stargate Atlantis audiobooks for third set.  Yes, they're set before Continuum. Also, there are no Atlantis stories. Daniel and Vala are toplining the entire set, so it'll be solely SG-1 this time out.

And don't forget, these are all full cast audios, not dramatised readings. The cast is small, admittedly, but they'll be more dialogue driven than they have been up to now.

I'd read earlier that Michael Shanks and Claudia Black were doing six, but was too busy to go back to look, and well, no Stargate Atlantis. Darn darn darn. I mean I really do like Shanks' books, but I want SGA stories too. I wonder if it was a financial decision (not enuf SGA sales?) or if the writers just didn't do SGA? Anyway, I will miss them. I was hoping they could somehow SOMEHOW get Joe Flanigan or David Hewlett to do one.

*** For some unfathomable reason I am watching the AWFUL movie Land of the Lost on cable. It sucks beyond belief.  How could anybody take what had been a decent Saturday morning live action show from decades ago and turn it into this... drivel.

Been busy doing programming for MediaWest*Con. It's basically done. A bunch of typing/organizing to do, but that's on the weekend. I hope.

Gardening may just be one tomato plant this year. Don't think I'll have time to do a real garden what with all the rest of the outside work to do. I need to win Powerball...