May 12th, 2010


FedCon Stargate Links #5: More videos on Joe Flanigan & David Hewlett


Jason Momoa in ALEIM Magazine, talks about his own film and Conan

Hollywood’s next big star restarts the Conan Barbarian franchise with the heart of a warrior artist

Written by Victoria Foster
Photographed by Tierney Gearon

EXCERPT: Jason (Momoa)  is definitely not a carbon copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger. First of all, ready or not, the world is going to have to deal with a Conan who is not a blonde white guy. Jason is of mixed ethnicity, Hawaiian and Caucasian, born in Hawaii. He grew up in Iowa, so this is not the first time he’s been in the position of being different from an established racial norm. “I grew up in a really white place. Farm town. Iowa

Jason Momoa (C) Tierney Gearon
(C) Tierney Gearon 

There are bunch of neat pictures, plus a video (watch for language) and link to, a movie Jason put together.


Mucho big thanks to lahela_sga for the tip!
Hot guys

Those FedCon videos with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett - some snippets

I got the chance to watch them! They are longer and worth watching!

Joe Flanigan at

It was fun. They did ask him about Stargate Universe, which he sat down and watched with his kids, who, 15 minutes in, said "We're bored" so that was the last he's seen of it. He's had film role offers, but has turned them down as he's working on a TV show!  He talked about writing and acting, and of course, the train mix-up at the con. He said he and David would like to work together again :)

David Hewlett

David doesn't have time to blog - with ideas and a 2-year-old - he likes Twitter. He says if he wasn't attending as a guest, he'd be there as an attendee. He loves the escapism side of science fiction. David hasn't seen SGU. "As far as I'm concerned, those guys are on my set eating my sandwiches," he said drolly (and jokingly). He is a huge Doctor Who fan and is watching the new version. Yes, he would consider guest starring ;) He misses the cast and crew from SGA as they become your 'social scene' and 'family'. He's focusing on writing and directing right now. He talked briefly about his Romanian film which he directed, and has some scripts he's working on. He wants to become more involved in the whole process (but will not give up acting). Phew..